Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant Necklace


Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant Necklace.

As a Mum I am forever on alert to make sure my crafting scissors aren’t within reach of the kids.
This yarn cutter pendant necklace is a much safer option so I can keep crafting while the kids play.

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The Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant is antique silver in colour and comes on either a silver or gunmetal grey chain. The rotary cutting blade is secure within the pendant making it safe to use for everyone.
The silver chain is a 2mm ball link chain, measuring at approx 80cm. This length lets the pendant hang just below the bust, giving plenty of room to use it without having to take it off.

The Yarn Cutter Pendant is so easy to use, as shown in the photo. Just pull your yarn against the blade through any of the groves and you will get a nice clean cut.

I let my one year old daughter play with this pendant and her little fingers haven’t been able to get anywhere near the blade.

This product is ready to ship to you with a handy canvas drawstring bag to keep it safe when you aren’t wearing it!

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 12 × 17 × 3 cm


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