Big Squish Cushion

Are you looking for a quick, easy and FREE beginner-friendly crochet project to add colour to your home? Home décor makes are my favourite because they inevitably result in visitors asking you where you got things and you get to take a breath and with all the pride you can muster reply with ‘I made that!’ And you get a constant reminder of how clever you are, making things with your two hands. Things that stay made, that the kids don’t just mess up right after you’re done.

The Big Squish Cushion pattern is simple and perfect for someone just starting out in the craft.

The pattern is below, but if you would prefer a handy dandy printable, head over to Ravelry for a free copy.

This pattern makes the cushion right onto the insert and is not a removable cover. If you would like to create a removable cover, you could leave an opening on the joining round of crab stitch and sew on a zip or some buttons, but I was far too lazy to do that when I made this.

Big Squish Cushion Pattern



15mm hook

Bernat Maker Big Yarn in Orchid (2 x 250gm ball)

Circle cushion insert. Mine is one of the kids old dinosaur cushions I repurposed.

Stitches used

Chain (Ch): yarn over, pull through

Double Crochet (DC): Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through two loops, yarn over and pull through all remaining loops on hook.

Slip stitch (Sl st): insert hook into stitch, yarn over and pull through stitch and loop on hook.

Crab stitch: This stitch is basically SC, worked from left to right (rather than right to left). So your next stitch will go in the stitch to the right. Here is a great tutorial if video tutorials is your thing.

Pattern Notes

This pattern uses US terminology.

Pattern repeats for each row are marked with * .

Groups of stitches to be worked into the same space or stitch are shown in brackets ( ).

When beginning a new row, I start with chains in place of standing stitches, for example, where the first stitch is a DC, I chain 2. You may choose to do a chainless starting double crochet, which is fine too. There are a number of tutorials online that can explain the differences.

Join at the end of each row with a SL ST to the top of the beginning stitch or chains.


Start with a magic circle or chain 6 and sl st into first chain to join into a circle.

Round 1 –           10 DC in magic circle

Round 2 –           2DC in each stitch

Round 3 –           2DC, 1DC in next stitch

Round 4 –           2DC, 1DC in next 2 stitches

Round 5 –           2DC, 1DC in next 3 stitches

Round 6 –           2DC, 1DC in next 4 stitches

Fasten off the first panel and make a second panel the same. Don’t fasten off your second panel, just begin the joining round.

Put panels together over your cushion insert with right sides facing out. Crab stitch or reverse single crochet through each stitch of both panels to join the front and back panels together.

Join to the first stitch of the round with slip stitch. Fasten off and sew in ends.

I hope you enjoyed making your very own Big Squish Cushion and I would love to see your creations!

Share your pics with me on Instagram by using the #bigsquishcushion & #katemadeit

Kate Made It

I am the coffee-loving, crocheting Mum of Kate Made It. I am a stay at home Mum to 4 mini-humans, and I crochet every day to save my sanity and give me purpose outside of being a Mum. If I can spend all my days fondling yarn, then I will be happy! I hope you find something here to treat yourself with, either yarn, an accessory, or a pattern. Happy Hooking and Yarn Fondling!

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