About Me

About Me

I’m Kate Collins, a work from home Crochet Designer, Virtual Assistant, and Mum to four kids.

I am a craft lover & mental health advocate and I actively protest against the illusion of Instagram perfection.

Hence rather than a full series of professional headshots, I share with you a series of year old, real life attempts at a Mothers Day photo.

I have been creating with crochet for 14 years and it lights me up every day. 

Every piece I make is designed to bring beauty into the world. I create with the intention that one day my great great grandkids will ask, ‘Who made this?’

Crochet has been a daily support for me, the thing to give me a sense of purpose other than changing nappies and cleaning the house.

With crochet I can make something that didn’t exist before, which gives me a sense of accomplishment that had been missing from my life. When you crochet something, it stays made. No matter how many times you make a snack or clean the house, you always need to do it again, and again, and again.

I want to help other Mums to find their own oasis in the middle of the chaos that is parenthood


Crochet is my creative oasis in the middle of my circus of screaming kids.

It gives me space to let me quiet my mind as I focus on each stitch, which works like magic for my anxiety & depression. 

One hook is all I need to turn a mess of yarn into something new, functional and beautiful! Crocheting for even just 15 minutes can help you to unwind, clear your mind and begins to erase the stress, tantrums and busy-ness of the day.

Crochet helped me get through my hardest days and years of peri-natal anxiety and depression and now my mission is clear.

It’s now time to share this incredible craft with the world.

Crochet and craft in general is an amazing self-care tool and an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Even if you don’t believe You are a creative person,

give it a try. You might surprise yourself – I know i did!

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To collaborate with me on an exclusive commission piece, special project, giveaway

or new design, please email me at katemadeit@hotmail.com.

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About Me

Kate Made It – I’m a passionate crocheting Mum making my way through life. Sharing the things I make to keep myself sane, sharing the messy bits, hard days and precarious mental health. 

Email: katemadeit@hotmail.com

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