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Hanging Yarn Basket

Don’t you love when your craft project evolves into something totally different to what you intended? I began this project imagining a decorative, hanging mobile and it turned out as a hanging yarn basket! What better than a project made out of yarn that can store and display more yarn! Win win in my books.

Paige was a lot of help in the making procress.

This project was a mid 2020 lockdown, heavily pregnant, sit down project. Something to force me to sit down and relax my body and my aching sciatica. I’m not great at sitting down and doing nothing. My brain is not ever idle. So I make things. Anything, generally crochet, but I do throw other crafts in there too.

This pattern came together nicely once I gave up the idea that it was a decorative hanging. It makes sense though. I do prefer to create functional things over purely decorative things. (Mandalas aside!)

This pattern uses Bernat Maker Big Yarn, which is a lovely soft squishy yarn to work with. It also requires a metal hoop which give the basket it’s shape. This is the type of ring I used. In Australia Spotlight sell them in their flower section.

The pattern is available through both my Etsy shop and my Ravelry Page.

What would you store in your Hanging Yarn Basket? Fruit or more yarn?

I am the coffee-loving, crocheting Mum of Kate Made It. I am a stay at home Mum to 4 mini-humans, and I crochet every day to save my sanity and give me purpose outside of being a Mum. If I can spend all my days fondling yarn, then I will be happy! I hope you find something here to treat yourself with, either yarn, an accessory, or a pattern. Happy Hooking and Yarn Fondling!

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