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Summer Slumbers Throw Crochet Pattern

My fellow crochet designers, I have a question for you… Have you ever had a moment where you see in your mind, a crochet item as clear as day. That is exactly what happened when this blanket design came to me. I imagined a light and airy summer blanket you could use on those chilly summer nights just to take the chill off your shoulders while you are watching the sun go down. I imagined a delicate and modern style, with only small holes to give the airy feel.

Not long after that, I was browsing through the yarn isles of my local Spotlight and found the perfect yarn for my imaginary blanket! The yarn is Anette Eriksson Cotton Soft. It is a beautiful, fine cotton and I picked it up in White, Grey and Charcoal. Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued, but I have seen a few people make this pattern in a Scheepjes Whirl and it comes up lovely!

This pattern is an excellent mindless make for those days when you just can’t concentrate too hard, but your hands just need to be making.

The pattern would suit a beginner crocheter, as long as you were comfortable with treble crochet (US), puff stitches and crocheting two stitches together. Not difficult stitches, the pattern contains an explanation of the stitches in the beginning, and a quick google search will clear up any confusion you might have.

The trick with blankets made in rounds like this is to keep turning your work. If you were to continue working with a ‘front’ face and a ‘back’ face, your work will begin to twist, like this….

This pattern instructs you to turn your work every second row. And if you do that, you will avoid the dreaded twisting centre.

This pattern is available for free in my Ravelry shop – click this link to go and grab it!

I am the coffee-loving, crocheting Mum of Kate Made It. I am a stay at home Mum to 4 mini-humans, and I crochet every day to save my sanity and give me purpose outside of being a Mum. If I can spend all my days fondling yarn, then I will be happy! I hope you find something here to treat yourself with, either yarn, an accessory, or a pattern. Happy Hooking and Yarn Fondling!

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