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I am a Lotus Flower Doily Crochet Pattern

The I am a Lotus Flower Doily Crochet Pattern is a reminder that we can do hard things! The Lotus Flower really speaks to my heart after the last few years of adversity that my family and I have endured. The Lotus Flower grows in a murky, dirty pond, beads of mucky water dripping off its petals to reveal its beauty. It tells me that beautiful things can grow out of the mud sludge of life. That even in the hard times, beauty is possible. 

You can do hard things, even crochet doilies!

I am truly thrilled to be releasing this pattern out into the wild. When I started this pattern, with this gorgeous Malabrigo yarn, I had no idea what would come off my hook. As each row grew, I surprised myself with what I was creating. I kept believing my own self-limiting belief that I couldn’t create a complex crochet doily pattern, that I was only starting out on my designing journey and I should leave that for the experts. ​
​But as this pattern grew, I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing it. There was no reason that I couldn’t make something unique and beautiful.

Crochet lotus flower mandala wall hanging pattern by Kate Made It


This pattern really shows off the incredible colours in the Malabrigo yarn. This pattern uses Malabrigo sock yarn in Aniversario

Hand dyed yarn has become such an addiction for me! I love to create patterns that help the colours shine and shows them off in a totally unique way.

Where can you get your copy?

Grab your copy from either my Ravelry shop or my shop link above.

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My testers nailed it!

I had a couple of amazing testers who gave this pattern a test ride to help iron our the creases and I am just in awe of their work.


This pattern is perfect for someone wanting to stretch their crochet skills and challenge themselves. And if you get stuck… shoot me an email, Insta DM or Facebook message. I am always happy to help you through a tough spot!

Crochet lotus flower mandala wall hanging pattern by Kate Made It



Happy Hooking and if you do make this wall hanging, please do share your makes with me on Instagram using the #iamalotusflower 

I am the coffee-loving, crocheting Mum of Kate Made It. I am a stay at home Mum to 4 mini-humans, and I crochet every day to save my sanity and give me purpose outside of being a Mum. If I can spend all my days fondling yarn, then I will be happy! I hope you find something here to treat yourself with, either yarn, an accessory, or a pattern. Happy Hooking and Yarn Fondling!

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