Done is better than perfect

A while back I decided to break up with perfection and I have found a symbol to remind me of that every day.
This is a blanket I am making for my sister-in-law. She sent me a picture of a similar blanket and asked me to recreate it. I love a crochet challenge so I jumped in! Having not done a granny square blanket in a long time I forgot about the dreaded twist you experience when you don’t flip the square after each round.

Rainbow Crochet Squares

So I completed the middle square and a few of the smaller squares in a rush of excitement before I stepped back and really looked at them properly. It was when I had finished 5 squares that I realised they were all twisting because I wasn’t flipping my work over in between each colour.
I always hated pulling back my work, but in order to make it perfect, I would spend days reworking and retrying. I would have undone a few days worth of work out of fear that someone would look at it and either say or just think ‘Oh those squares are twisting, she mustn’t be very good at crochet.’
They wouldn’t even have to say it to my face. The fear of someone thinking it to themselves would make me waste a few days of work undoing and redoing those squares.
So I let the squares sit and the blanket got neglected for about a year while I was in the depths of my Perinatal Depression and Anxiety and dealing with getting used to having 2 kids!
I recently picked up my crochet hobby again and after deciding to break up with perfection, I feel like it’s important to leave the squares just as they are. As I keep reminding myself, done is better than perfect. Because perfect means wasting days, weeks or months reworking, adjusting, changing, questioning and not committing.
Done is still beautiful, even if it has a few twisted squares that probably won’t be noticeable when it’s lovingly scrunched up keeping my family members warm.
Done is better than wasting weeks or months working on the exact same thing over and over. Done is better than procrastinating.

Every time I look at this blanket now, I am reminded that ‘Done is better than perfect.’

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