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Handmade gifts people love to receive

Most of my friends and family know how much I love to give handmade gifts, and since my crochet skills have gotten better, so have my gifting skills!

I started out making granny square blankets for all my friends who were having babies, along with a couple of lap blankets for friends going to the footy in the freezing Melbourne weather. Then I wanted to start expanding my crochet abilities and started making different blankets. 
​The first and my favourite ‘different’ blanket I’ve gifted, was a star blanket for my niece Lucinda for her 2nd birthday. I had such a warm feeling rush over me when I saw her playing with it that I was inspired to keep gifting my handmade makes.


I then started making blankets as wedding presents. This idea occurred to me after my Aunt gifted me a gorgeous quilt as a wedding present. I just love the idea of blankets being passed down generations and holding special memories of when they came into your life. 
As I go back through all my crochet photos I’m realising just how many things I have made and gifted to people! Here are some of my favourites… definitely not all! I often gift something and forget to take photos!

The possibilities are endless with blankets. Size, style, colour. My mind struggles to nail it down to just one pattern for one person! 

My latest handmade gifts are my favourites… I worked out how to crochet letter cushions thanks to this free pattern from Caron & Yarnsiprations. The patterns are great, come with a chart and work up quite easily (provided your kids don’t keep stealing the magnets keeping your place!)
I made a ‘B’ for my besties little man Byron, I made an ‘M’ for my brand new niece Meika and then to top it off I made ‘HARPER’ for my niece for her first birthday!
Recently I started to think outside the box when it comes to handmade gifts as following my hubbys stay in hospital for a cardiac arrest, we were short on cash and time and had 4 family birthdays to give gifts for. I made a massive batch of White Chocolate and Lemon Fudge, and Chocolate Mint Fudge and also Chocolate Hot Fudge sauce, and gifted them in simple glass jars. Nothing fancy, but made with love, something I put thought and effort into. 

There are so many options for handmade gifts that don’t require a tonne of time or money. Yes blankets like the ones here do require a fair amount of yarn and a LOT of time, which probably costs the same if not more than a traditional store bought gift, but it’s the love that goes into every stitch that makes these gifts unique and less likely to end up at the op shop! 

​Handmade presents don’t have to be boring or ‘cheap’. To be honest I often spend more on supplies than I would normally buying something at a shop. But the time and care you put into the gift adds so much more value to the gift than any brand name can. 

Try something new for your next family birthday. My nephew is about to turn 1 and I am planning out a ‘super’ handmade present for him! 

What is the best handmade present you have ever gifted someone? 

I am the coffee-loving, crocheting Mum of Kate Made It. I am a stay at home Mum to 4 mini-humans, and I crochet every day to save my sanity and give me purpose outside of being a Mum. If I can spend all my days fondling yarn, then I will be happy! I hope you find something here to treat yourself with, either yarn, an accessory, or a pattern. Happy Hooking and Yarn Fondling!

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