August – What are you doing Mummy?

A shap shot of my life in August 2017.
MAKING – All the presents. I am on a mission this year to make as many birthday and Christmas presents as I can. So far this has included scarves, blankets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dolls, dreamcatchers, crochet letters, chocolate fudge and love heart cushions.
I am currently in the process of putting together the plan for the rest of the presents from now through to new years. Lots of things on my hook at the moment.
Crochet is cool guys! 

READING – You are your own Million Dollar Formula, written by Nic Cunningham and Ali Villani, the Entrepreneurial Babes. (Re-reading actually. I love this book. Such a great boost for my mood, belief, inspiration, motivation.)

LISTENING TO – Apple Music! Found out we have a 6 month free period with Apple Music and I’m loving it! My favourite playlist at the moment has, Glorious – Macklemore, Hold on – Wilson Phillips, Eye of the Tiger – Survivor, Me Too – Meghan Trainor.

WATCHING – Shameless on Netflix – the US version. It’s first the show hubby and I are actually watching together for ages!

LOVING – My alone morning ritual. My alarm goes off every morning at 5.45 and I get up, make my cup of tea, and do some meditating (still an amateur at it), affirmations and reading before the kids wake up. It really does help me get more centred and calm for the day ahead. Especially when the boys are at each other all day.

EATING – Pita bread chips! My beautiful friend Tessa just taught me about the magic of making these at home! Just a bag of large pita breads, some olive oil, sea salt and a quick cook in the oven and you have thin, crispy, crunchy, salty snacks. I’m addicted and so are the boys. Time to find some healthy dairy free dips to make!

DRINKING – Water. I’ve been so slack with drinking water this winter and it’s really affecting my body. It’s affecting my digestion, my skin and my overall feeling. So water is my jam at the moment. Well I’m trying to make it so.

WEARING – All the clothes. It’s been so cold in Melbourne lately I’m not even motivated to put my active wear on to workout. So layers and layers it is.

COOKING – Soup. Pumpkin soup, minestrone, tomato. All of the above. Warming and healthy and yummy. But most importantly easy!

TRAWLING – Pinterest for inspiration. With all the presents I want to make comes lots of pinterest scrolling looking to ideas I can make my own!

WANTING – Heat. I am dreaming on warm weather and that is boosted by the fact that I just booked flights to the Gold Coast in 6 weeks for the Annual Arbonne Conference. I can’t wait. It’s such a fun few days of learning and meeting new people! And being away from the kids and hubby for a few days. It will be strange but I can’t lie… I’m going to love it!

ENJOYING – Our (hopefully) last few weeks before hubby goes back to work full time. After his cardiac arrest he wasn’t allowed to drive for 6 months, which is up on the 20th of August. And boy will I be celebrating when that day comes. As much as I used to love driving… I am ready for that extra driving responsibility to be up.

BUYING – Yarn! I’ve used up so much of my stash this last few months that I am actually running quite low. So shopping time it is!

NEEDING – To do a clean out of the house. My fingers are itching to get to spring cleaning time. I used to be so organised and tidy, and while it has eased up with motherhood and kids leaving toys everywhere, it still does my head in when there are drawers full of CRAP and you don’t know what’s in there. So I’m very much needing to map out some time to start sorting through those drawers and clean up the spaces in our home. 

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