Childhood memories

The other day I was at my parents house catching up with my Mum and checking out her recent yarn purchases and her project to do list, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a small zip lock bag containing a large pile of childhood memories.

Swap Cards!


My childhood swap cards
Did anyone else have swap cards a a kid?My sisters and I used to fight over who could play with these and would always try and keep the cutest pictures for ourselves.

When I saw these cards, memories of days playing with them with my sisters came flooding back to me. My mum was surprised that I remembered them at all and was very close to selling, donating or throwing them out, so I snatched them up.


It’s amazing how many memories can be held in one stack of cards

These cards got me thinking about items that hold special memories from times gone past. 

Items like teddy bears, books, games and toys to mention a few. So I decided to share a few memories from my past. Things that have been saved from the tip, the op shop or that were strong enough to last through a childhood and make it out the other end in tact.
Unfortunately, not much made it through my childhood unscathed. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the third of 4 kids, and your toys are already on their third kid when you get them!

Like many others, Dr Seuss featured heavily in my early reading adventures. The books pictured were actually my husbands, but I love that they are from the same era.

This teddy bear is probably the most precious thing I have from my childhood. It was gifted to me when I was born by my dear late next door neighbor Pat, who used to babysit us kids.
Somehow it managed to survive, nameless it’s whole life (I never was one for naming my toys), and now it sits on a shelf reminding me of that wonderful lady.

Thinking about these items from my childhood has helped me see part of the reason why I crochet.
I crochet so that my kids, and others can things find in a box in years to come, and have a wave of memories attached to that item and the fact that someone made it especially for them.

Whether it is a blanket, a stuffed toy, a cushion or bunting, I want to create items that will last a lifetime.

Do you have any childhood items that have stood the test of time?


  1. I wasn’t aloud to have barbie dolls as a little girl… I was however aloud to have a collection of Tonka Trucks. Fast forward many years later I have no idea how I became such a girly girly when my fondest childhood toys consisted of boys toys!

    1. It’s almost like you are rebelling against your childhood by becoming so girly!
      We did have barbies but not many given they were so expensive!

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