A day in the life of ‘Kate Made It’

Looking back 3 years, I can’t believe how different my life is now from then.

3 years ago in 2012, I was engaged, had just moved into my new house with my fiance, was planning my wedding for March 2013 and worked full time in the city (commuting approx 3 hours per day).

Now, 3 years later, I have been married for 2 and a half years, I have a nearly 2 year old son, am 8 and a half months pregnant with my second child and am a stay at home mum. I do work casually at a pub nearby, but for the most part I am a stay at home mum.

I thought it would be interesting to write out a day in the life of me blog post to compare my life now to my previous corporate 5 days a week job life.

The day I chose to outline was Sunday 13th September 2015. A gorgeous sunny 24deg Spring day which my husband Jezz unfortunately had to work on.

6.00am – Jezz kisses me goodbye stirring me from sleep enough that I realise I have to get up to go to the toilet. (Awesome pregnancy perk!)
Back in bed to scroll through Instagram and Facebook while I work out what day it is and what I have to do today.

6.30am – Owen is awake… an hour earlier than usual. Attempt to give him some more milk to buy another 40 mins of sleep… fail.
Nappy change for Owen and a phone call to Daddy to say hi because Owen saw my phone and started saying ‘Daddy Hello’.
Make a coffee to take back to my bed with Owen. Takes around 10 minutes to make the coffee because Owen must press all the buttons on the coffee machine.
Jump back into bed with Owen and the ABC kids channel because once he is up,  he is up.

7:00am – Breakfast of toast and smoothies mingled in with lots of playing with toys and Muggsy (dog).

7:20am – Put a load of washing on and put dry washing into the basket to wait to be folded. (It might be there a while!!)

8:00am – Mama and Owen dressed and shoes on to play outside in the sun and stock up those Vitamin D levels that the midwife keeps telling me are seriously low.

8:10am – Owen whinges because I try to walk inside to get the washing
Owens screams because he chases me and trips and dives headfirst into the door frame. (nice new bruise!)

8:15am – Hanging washing out while Owen tips my pegs all over the floor.

8:20am – Put the washing basket and pegs away which makes Owen scream… just because… so Wiggles distraction and decaf coffee for Mama. Manage to fit in a small amount of crochet while Owen dances around to the Wiggles.

9:20am – Owen outside again. Intermittent whinging because I want to keep walking in and out and continue cleaning and being productive. According to Owen today I must be within 2 meters of him at all times.

11:10am – Owen suddenly turns around and says bye bye to outside and ‘Tho’ to me (Thomas the Tank Engine).
Serve up lunch while he watches, takes about 5 bits of pumpkin and carrot, doesn’t touch the beef or cauliflower.

11:30am – Tips over the dinosaur rocket and starts crying, this to me signals bedtime.
Milk and teddy and bed.

11:40am – Unpack dishwasher and clean kitchen up.
Decaf coffee and small bowl of Twisties and The Gilmore Girls for Mama time.

12:00pm – Crochet time before lunch

1:00pm – Lunch while watching The Gilmore girls

1:45pm – Bring in dry washing (gotta love a warm windy day), fold and put away 2 loads of washing.
(Owen still sleeping and I’m feeling super productive if not a little weary already)

2:00pm – Decaf Coffee

2:50pm – Owen wakes up. (Amazing sleep, although I expect it after he woke up early!)

3:00pm – Owen outside – within seconds Muggsys water bowl is everywhere.

3:20pm – Finish latest crochet project while sitting on the comfy armchair placed strategically just inside the sliding door so Owen can see me and I can keep an eye on him and the tv!!

3:50pm – Call hubby to check how his day is and learn he won’t be home until at least 8pm. Hmm. Time to work out what’s for dinner.

4:30pm – Take Owens shoes on and off 4 or 5 times, just for the fun of it. Request for the wiggles.

4:32pm – Owen occupied with the Wiggles – time to prepare dinner while trying to ignore the Wiggles songs or get them stuck in my head. (Fail – end up singing Wiggles songs in my head at 2am that night.)

5:00pm – Fill up the dogs water and food which prompts Owen to want to play outside.
Start crochet giraffe in between chopping, watching Owen outside & watching more Gilmore Girls.
(Hubby isn’t home so I’m making the most of watching my girly shows)

5:45pm – Sit down for dinner with Owen. Quite entertaining actually. He makes me blow on his food to cool it down, he says cheers not only with his water but with his fork aswell!

6:01pm – Owens finished and wants to run outside but only with me next to him. Sore heavy preggo belly doesn’t like that.

6:04pm – 3 minutes of crying because I want to clean the kitchen followed by an offer of Thomas the Tank Engine.
Time to clean the kitchen so I can sit down. Or do I leave it for later and sit to crochet a little while he watches.

6:10pm – Realise that because I cooked an easy dinner there is no leftovers for hubbys lunch tomorrow. Make frittata and clean up while Owen is occuped with Thomas and his toys.

6:11pm – Owen cries to go outside… oh no never mind. Back to Thomas and his bike.

7:00pm – Frittata done and cooling, my back and tummy super sore. Time for Owens bath.

7:01pm – Owen decides he doesn’t want a bath (usually his favourite time of the day) and lets me wash him then stands up and says bye bath and points to the toilet chain and says Wee Wee.

7:05pm – Owen dressed and playing with his books while I rest my aching back and belly.

7:30pm – Owens bedtime – milk warmed up and only a small tanty from Owen when I pick him up to go to bed.

7:31pm – Maxibon time for me!!!!

8:05pm – Owen still chatting away in his bed. Not upset noise, just noise.

8:10pm – Jezz is finally on his way home from work. I might get in a quick adult conversation before the end of today.
Work on crochet giraffe while I wait for Jezz to get home.

8:50pm – Jezz finally home.

9:10pm – Both showered and in bed exhausted. We maybe got a 10 minute conversation before Jezz started to drift off.

Note – Owen slept until 8.15am the next day after his 6.30am wake up!!
Being pregnant with a toddler is a whole another level of exhaustion that I never knew existed, but at the end of the day it is going to be so worth it.
Looking back at this being a typical day for me, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My typical day used to be fighting traffic on the Monash Fwy or smelly people on the train, sitting inside an office all day, on a computer, in and out of meetings dealing with stress and things I wasn’t passionate about.

Now, while yes we do have less money to enjoy, I get to play with my son everyday and crochet everyday! What more could I want?!
I am one lucky lady.


Owen – October 2014

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