Botanical Yarn Dyeing Workshop

Through the magic of Instagram, I stumbled across a Botanical Dyeing Workshop, run by Ruth from Craft School Oz with Kate James.

After hearing stories from my sister about the fun she recently had at a screen printing workshop she received as a gift, I convinced my husband to get it for me as an early birthday present.
Suddenly, I had found a whole new area of the craft I love to learn about. Not only Botanical Dyeing but also learning about different fibers such as merino, alpaca and cotton.
​I was impressed within the first few minutes. Kate had an impressive array of sample skeins out on the table, each with tags describing what had been used to achieve that colour range. Ruth had made yummy scones, cream and jam, and along with a nice cup of tea, the 6 participants were all welcomed into the world of natural dyeing.The display suitcase full of gorgeous fibers, all naturally dyed is seriously impressive and I think we all imagined sneak it home with us. Well I know I did!

Ruth and Kate had set us up to experiment dyeing with 6 different natural dye materials. Rosemary, Bracken, Oxalis, Red Cabbage, Passion fruit skins and Prunus Leaves.
​In groups we set up our boiling pots, fiber samples and dye stuff.

We experimented with different ways of modifying the dye bath like adding in vinegar, copper water, iron water and washing soda.
Some of the results were a bit beige, but some were bright, amazing and surprising. Mint green yarn coming from a red cabbage dye bath!?!?
The workshop was hands on, we got to get our hands dirty and play around with the dye materials, the sample fibers and really experiment with the dye modifying.
I need to say that this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share the wonderful experience I had at this workshop.

We all had a fantastic and fascinating day. Both Ruth and Kate James are full of knowledge about all things crafty and botanical!
We had a delicious lunch, yummy snacks and the workshop was held at a friendly, clean and relaxing location.

If you are considering furthering your knowledge on anything crafty, I highly recommend you go and check out the workshops Ruth runs at

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