Kate made another boy!

Amazingly, it has already been 3 months since Ethan Maxwell Collins rushed into this world.
It has been an intense 3 months learning what it means to be a mother to two boys.
I have been tired, I have been emotional, I have cried… a lot…, But I have loved every minute. Every yawn, every smile, every giggle. Not the screaming from both Owen and Ethan. But everything else!!!

Hopefully these boys of mine will give me a chance to get back to writing some blog posts because I have lots of ideas jotted down on various pieces of paper and floating around in my head. I just don’t have a lot of child free time to actually type them up.
Currently Ethan is wriggling around on my lap after waking up after 30 minutes and refusing to go back to sleep!

But I have a lot of crochet projects finished and ready to share with you, so hang tight and hopefully I’ll be sharing them soon!!!


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