Summer Slumbers Throw Crochet Pattern

Free summery crochet throw pattern

ā€‹I love Summer.

I love how much happier people are in Summer. Eating dinners outside while the kids play in the sprinkler. Having a swim before bedtime on those balmy hot nights and sleeping in my bathers. Sitting outside at night as the sun goes down and feeling that heat ease off while you relax and enjoy Christmas events with loved ones. And I love an easy summer crochet pattern.
(I could live without 40 plus degree days, but that’s life!)

You can still crochet in Summer!

Summer in Australia is a time of extremes. Extreme temperatures, extreme rains in some areas, extreme humidity, extreme droughts and sadly extreme bush fires.
Summer 2018 for me was horrendous. I was pregnant with Paige who was born in April, so the Summer months for me were a weird form of torture.
When I found this light cotton at Spotlight a few months ago, I could just picture that it would become a summer crochet pattern. I wanted to make a light summery blanket that you could wrap around your shoulders as you enjoy one more cider outside before bedtime.
While usually I adore colour, shades of grey do light me up. So these neutral colours were perfect for this pattern. 

I wanted something simple to remember so you could work on it slowly, row by row, picking it up here and there where you have time. But I wanted something that drew the eye to the detail in the stitches.
The open lacy look of the blanket allows for it to stay a light airy blanket that drapes beautifully over your body in the night air. 

Summer Slumbers Throw Crochet Pattern
Summer Slumbers Throw

The perfect mindless Summer Crochet project

I wanted a pattern that Mums can have sitting in their car and can be worked on for a moment of peace. Whether you’re waiting for the school pick up, or in the doctors waiting room, or on the rare chance they get to a cafe for a quiet coffee.

A pattern for makers to be able to switch their brain off while they make. Switch off that voice in your head that is constantly writing to do lists. That voice that is replaying situations from the last week and telling you how you should have spoken to that person instead. Shut down that voice in your head that is running over the next week and telling you how many things you have to do before the kids start school, or come home, or do anything.
Switch off and just make for the love of making. Make to quiet your mind, to warm up your heart and to give your soul a little you time.

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Happy Hooking everyone! I hope you enjoy this pattern, and your quiet moments to yourself while making it. Please do share your makes with me on Instagram using #summerslumbersthrow.

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Summer Slumbers Throw Free Crochet Pattern
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