9 Podcasts for new Entrepreneurs

Podcasts for new entrepreneurs

9 Podcasts for new Entrepreneurs that helped build my business

Knowledge is power, right? Well then, if that is the case, Podcasters are throwing free power out there into the world for anyone smart enough to tap into them. New Entrepreneurs like myself (even though I am reluctant to label myself an entrepreneur), need to gather knowledge from so many different sources and put into action what applies to us. Podcasts have been invaluable in my learning process and have helped me build a great plan for growing my business to the next level. 

I have purchased my fair share of online courses and ebooks to further my knowledge, but I have to say, the amount of knowledge I have gained from free podcasts is immeasurable. 

Now it’s time to share my favourite Podcasts for new Entrepreneurs that I used to build my business from nothing, and to grow it to what it is today, and no doubt bigger into the future!

If you have dreams of growing either an online or physical business, here are some podcasts you can download to help you on your way. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me. 

Entrepreneurial Podcasts that helped build my business

Being Boss Podcast for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Side-Hustlers

Photo Credit: beingboss.club

This podcast really helps remind me that I can be a Boss. That I need to suck it up and just get the work done. These girls really know how to chitchat and keep you hooked in at the same time. They not only produce the Being Boss podcast, but they also produced a spin off podcast called Making a Business Podcast. This one covered Emily's process of starting a new product based business and I learnt so much from that series.

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Welcome to Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Podcast

Photo Credit: www.businessboutique.com

This podcast came to my attention from Ashley at A Crafty Concept. Ashley was reading the Business Boutique book and sharing a few lightbulb moments on her Instagram and I had to join in the fun. So I subscribed and listened to most of the episodes within a few days! (I can get a bit obsessed when I find a new podcast!)

The way Christy Wright talks about business really resonated with me and sunk in well. There are some business based podcasts that can feel really dry and boring but not this one. If you've struggled to be captivated by entrepreneurial podcasts before, try this one. It's great!

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Don't Keep Your Day Job

Photo Credit: www.dontkeepyourdayjob.com

Cathy Heller is the lovely voice behind the Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast, and the songs sung at the end of every episode!

This podcast is about turning your passion into a profitable career and how to spend your days doing what lights you up. This podcast has so much for so many different types of people. Cathy is so open and honest in this series and tells it like it is. No sugar coating here!

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Just Keep Blogging Podcast

Photo Credit: justkeepblogging.libsyn.com

Kim Anderson and her Just Keep Blogging Podcast was a recent find, like 2 weeks ago, and I have listened to all of her episodes! I am working on consistency in my blogging and her episodes have so been helping me simplify my vision and actually get the work done and stop procrastinating!

If you are a blogger, please do check this one out!

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Mums with Hustle Podcast

Photo Credit: mumswithhustle.com

Attention all Aussie Hustle Mamas. You should already know about this podcast! Tracey is awesome, and I love this podcast. To be honest, I've neglected it a bit lately, but I do love listening to this podcast and all the interviews Tracey does. I find I come back to it and binge 10 episodes at once, and that fires me up to go go go.

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The Tim Ferriss Show

Photo Credit: tim.blog

I recently bought two of TIm's books, Tools of Titals and Tribe of Mentors, and at the same time I started diving into his podcast and man oh man this is a good one. The topics in this podcast are so wide ranging, and the calibre of guests he interviews is outstanding. If you are serious about growing and learning and leveling up, you really should be listening to this podcast.

Listen Here

Mind Your Business Podcast

Photo Credit: mindyourbusinesspodcast.com

Tim Ferriss led me to James Wedmore's podcast and it is just as good as the Tim Ferris Show.

James covers the topics of Mindset For Success
, Success Stories
, Manifestation & Abundance
, Business Strategy
and Guest Interviews.

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Marie Forleo's Blog: Create A Life You Love

Photo Credit: www.marieforleo.com

The Marie Forleo Podcast and Marie TV contains actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity and love.

This podcast is next on my to binge list. the episodes I have heard so far I love. Marie delivers truth bombs and makes sure she gets her point across with love but more importantly honesty.

Listen Here

Podcasts Archive - The Smart Passive Income Blog

Photo Credit: www.smartpassiveincome.com

I found this podcast after listening to the Just Keep Blogging podcast mentioned above, and it made me wonder why I hadn't found it sooner! This podcast has a whopping 377 episodes and over 47 MILLION downloads!! Epic!

If you are a blogger or online business owner, this podcast is so worth diving into. Enjoy!

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I wish I could remember the first podcast I ever listened to. But whatever one it was, was good enough to suck me into the endless world of podcasts. If you haven’t yet seen my posts about Creative Entrepreneurial Podcasts or Mindset Podcasts, check them out too! 

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Podcasts for new entrepreneurs

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