9 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

9 podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are my jam!

So any chance that I don’t need to be listening out for the cry of a child, I have my headphones on, listening, learning and loving podcasts! Pretty much the only podcasts I listen to are for creatives, mindset, entrepreneurial and personal growth based. I haven’t gotten into true crime or unsolved mystery stories because I would rather spend those precious few minutes growing my mind not wondering about something bad that happened in the past. 

Currently I am subscribed to 42 podcasts (and this number changes weekly!), which yes may be excessive, but it all depends on what you’re in the mood for right? And I thought I would break them down over the next few weeks for you all, beginning with Podcasts for the Creative Entrepreneur. 

My favourite Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

BHooked Podcast - B.Hooked Crochet | Knitting

Photo Credit: www.bhookedcrochet.com

Brittany's podcast is the first creative based podcast I listened to and I still can't wait to listen to the latest episode on a Friday morning. She talks all things crochet, not just for the business crocheter, but for the hobbiest too. Brittany has some amazing knowledge around Time Management and Productivity and I have learnt so much from her podcast!

My favourite episodes include:

“Yarn Punk” with Knot Bad Crochet

Destress with Crochet & Spread Your Message

Finding Your Place in the Crochet Community & World of Publishing

Listen Here

Business of Craft

Photo Credit: www.stitchcraftmarketing.com

I have a number of favourite episodes from the Business of Craft Podcast, so I will share my favourite 2. Epsiode Number 50 with Jen Geigley and Episode number 53 with Otto Strauch. Definitely worth a listen to learn about real people making real success in the crafting world.

Listen Here

Collage Creative Podcast by Knit Collage

Photo Credit: knitcollage.com

When I listen to the Collage Creative Podcast, I want to sit down and have a cup of tea with Amy Small. She has such a sweet calm voice, such a warm laugh and sounds so dang friendly, I want to be her friend! Amy interviews such a huge range of talented makers, designers, everyone, and my list of favourites is too long to share. But my favourite episode of all has to be Episode number 7 with Stephen West.

Listen Here

CRAFT-ish Podcast with Vickie Howell

Photo Credit: vickiehowell.com

If you haven't heard of Vickie Howell in the crochet/knitting space, I can only assume you have only just gotten the internet. The girl is everywhere and is so knowledgeable on all things craft. Her podcast shares 'The Stories behind Creative Types'. My favourite episodes include #9 with Tamara Kelly from Moogly and #18 with Twinkie Chan.

Listen Here

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show

Photo Credit: creativeyarnentrepreneur.com

While this podcast is a few years old and isn't currently being updated, I have found that all of the content there in the 71 episodes is still valid and useful! Marie shares a lot of information on how to submit to publications, how to self-publish patterns, and has so many excellent interviews with a huge variety of people. Well worth a listen. Check it out!

Episode 69: Staying Inspired, Being Authentic, and Learning to Say No with Dedri Uys from LookAtWhatIMade

Episode 49: How to Submit Crochet or Knitting Design Proposals to Magazine

Listen Here

Dear Handmade Life Podcast

Photo Credit: dearhandmadelife.com

The Dear Handmade Life podcast is one that I am currently lining up to binge listen a bunch of episodes. I have listened to a handful of episodes and loved them all, in particular Episode 86: Mental Health, Creatives and Business with Sara McNally, and Episode 66: The Evolution of the Handmade Movement.

This podcast is brought to you by the awesome ladies behind the Patchwork Show and Craftcation Conference.

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Create & Thrive Podcast

Photo Credit: www.createandthrive.com

Jess Van Den is like a handmade business guru!! She has run her successful handmade jewellery business for over 10 years now and not only still runs that, she runs Create & Thrive and the Thrivers Circle which has taught me so much recently. My favourite episodes are too many to count but include #31 - Creativity and Confidence and #106 - Staying open to possibilities.

Listen Here

The Business of Making | Podcast

Photo Credit: www.thebusinessofmaking.com

What do you get when three amazing brilliant makers get together for the greater good? You get The Business of Making Podcast! Women sharing so much knowledge and keeping it real to help others grow and be successful. What could be better?

My favourite episodes include #5 - Choose a mentor you can trust. #7 - How we find energy to work. #15 - The juggle.

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Magic Lessons | By Elizabeth Gilbert

Photo Credit: www.elizabethgilbert.com

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Love, Pray. So few people don't know that book or movie. But did you know this amazing author not only write Eat, Love, Pray, but she also wrote one of my favourite books, Big Magic!

As a follow up to that book, Elizabeth produced the Magic Lessons podcast where she helps people break through things that are stopping them, or problems they may have. Do yourself a favour and have a listen. I found many of these episodes so relevant to myself!

Listen Here


That’s not all of the podcasts though

There are a number of other Creative Entrepreneurial Podcasts I like, but to save you hours of scrolling, I had to limit it to my favourite 9.  

Often I find myself listening to the first 5 minutes of a podcast and if it doesn’t hook me in, I’ll switch to a different episode or maybe even to a different podcast entirely. I have to be interested in the content for any of it to sink in, and some days it will be a podcast about crochet. Other times it will be a podcast about time management, or even nothing to do with business. Lately I have been enjoying a lot of ‘spiritual, health and wellness’ podcasts too. I find it keeps me on track with my healthy eating and staying active, if I am keeping my mind focused on my ultimate goal of being fit and healthy. 

I hope you find a podcast in this list or in future weeks that speaks to you and the motivation you are needing at the moment. 

Stay tuned next week for another installment of ‘What is Kate listening to!’

You can also go and check out my Postnatal Depression and Anxiety journey over the last few years so you can see why personal growth is so important to me. 

Pin this post for later when you can listen and explore these podcasts!

9 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

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